We are currently looking for startups operating in the TV industry.

MMV is currently building a startup portfolio for TV distributors. We identified key industry pain points and are currently evaluating different startups to match these pain points. If your company is dealing with the content topics below, we are interested in hearing from you.


Customer Interaction

  • Customer care
    What are the ways to improve my customer care? Where to look for solutions that keep my customers satisfied?

  • Business intelligence
    What is the best way to get insights on my customers? How can I analyze my customers’ behavior, preferences and trends?

  • Churn prevention / retention
    How to decrease churn and increase the retention rate of my customer base?

  • Up/Cross sell
    How can I up- and cross sell my products to the customers? What are the best ways to do so?


  • Monetize data (B2B)
    How to make use of my data and monetize it?

  • Targeted advertising 
    How to implement targeted advertising solutions?

  • Fully dedicated own sales teams (RTB)
    How can I take part in TV advertising?

  • Ad insertion technology
    How to maximize ad inventory with seamless and user specific ad insertions?

  • Automatic buying platforms and cross-media data management platforms
    How to make use of programmatic and addressable buying in linear TV?


  • Improve procurement / licensing
    How to improve content procurement / entitlement and monetization?

  • Content acquisition / marketing
    Is it vital to invest in exclusive content? Do I have to focus on live content, and if yes on which one? How to monetize live content (e.g. sports) most effectively?

  • Resell towards content producers 
    What data (insights e.g. user behavior, who watched what?) can be resold back to content producers?

  • Metadata /Content Discovery
    How do I improve metadata handling and management to assure that my customers can discover content easily and receive personalized recommendations?

  • Content discovery/ recommendation
    How to discover relevant content and receive personalized recommendations?


  • Ensure UX/UI across devices
    How to ensure a seamless UX and UI across devices?

  • 2nd screen interaction
    How can I implement and increase customer engagement with second screen interaction?

  • Data compression / transcoding
    How to ensure quality when compressing data?

  • Social TV (or Video) / user involvement
    How to engage with the viewer and manage social media including user generated content (UGC) across screens?


  • Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
    How can I benefit from upcoming Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions?

  • eSports
    How can I generate value from eSports? 

  • Multi Channel Networks
    How to get a position in Multi Channel Networks?

  • DRM – multiple rights
    How to manage multiple DRM across devices and how does DRM impact my business and the user experience?

  • Technology / Content Management
    What are the new technological advancements that can boost the TV industry?

Please get in touch via the startup application if your company addresses certain pain points outlined above. We are looking forward to hearing from you.