Our Industries



  • We understand the industry dynamic, its current challenges and are deeply involved in designing its future.
  • Our team combines strategic, technical and operational experience with in-depth understanding of the startup ecosystem.
  • Our professional backgrounds cover all major European and Middle Eastern telcos, major suppliers and strategic consultancies.


  • We understand the ongoing value shift and its implications caused by digitization of the media industry – our experience comes from management positions at major media companies, from strategic consulting engagements and from being deeply involved in designing new media startups.
  • We defined digital strategies for traditional media players as well as developed challenger strategies to attack existing value pools.

 Financial Services

  • Our team combines operational and strategic experience from inside the banking world as well as from service providers’ and challengers’ perspective – as individual investors our team members are engaged in building the financial services industry of the future.
  • Our experience is strongest in those segments impacted most by technological revolution – we have helped both challengers and incumbents.

Our Startups



We are looking for startups, which


Solve a pain point of the Telecommunications, Media, or Financial Services industry (B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C).

Display a high level of technical innovation.

Possess a highly scalable business model addressing a global market.

Have reached proof of concept and are operationally ready to scale (or) Have a stunning idea that focuses on and creatively solves a problem.


  • Working with the best


    We have deep experience in innovation from all perspectives – today we are focusing on leading-edge startups ready to scale their business

    You will profit from our experiences and our network in all dimensions

  • Highly customized program


    We adhere to a simple 4-step process

    We will always treat you and your business as the individual you are – our goal is at all times to make youready to sell your product to the big clients asap

  • Unique network on decider level


    Corporate C-level is our background: We are leveraging our past for our future

    Our network is best represented by our team: 3 Managing Partners, 15 Senior Professionals and 5 Staff … and we are growing rapidly

  • Winning business model


    We want to be measured against the impact we create

    We therefore work entirely on a success-based fee model, for fair participation of the success we jointly enable

Startup Application Form


At Match-Maker Ventures, we are constantly looking for fresh outstanding start-ups to match with Europe’s largest corporations. If you would like to work with us, please fill in this form. We will use the information you provided to have a good look at your company internally and we will reach out to you very soon.

In case you have any questions, please contact the MMV Sourcing Team

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