Excited to announce new collaboration: MMV and Israeli startup L7 Defense

We are happy and proud to introduce L7 Defense as our new portfolio startup. The pioneering Israeli cyber security company brings “Natural Intelligence” to DDoS protection. The solution mitigates DDoS attacks in today’s complex, fast-paced, advanced threat landscape and delivers superior performance in relation to application layer IoT based DDoS attacks.

L7 Defense “Ammune” System, which stands for “Applicative Immune”, is based on the human immune model being able to detect unknown signatures, spot stochastic traffic rate and amplitude, identify ad-hoc unknown botnets IPs and fight sophisticated attacking tools such as “Mirai” malware. L7 Defense works fully automated and in real-time bringing highly accurate results and easily adapts to changes in clients’ infrastructure. 

The Israeli based team brings in a wealth of experiences from both academic research as well as practical cyber security knowledge. 

We are excited about our new collaboration and look forward to helping another innovation to scale! 

Please reach out to us if you want to learn more.