AdScanner and Match-Maker Ventures announce collaboration: Jointly disrupting the TV advertising market!

Adscanner is an Austrian-Croatian startup dedicated to disrupt the TV advertising market by enabling impactful decisions based on real-time data on TV advertising activities

AdScanner in a nutshell

AdScanner believes in the power of data and provides a truly new and better experience for all involved parties of the TV advertising market.

Enabling impactful decisions based on real-time data

AdScanner systematically tracks and stores TV advertising and impact data. Today AdScanner is live in 4 countries and tracks close to 50 channels. You can browse and analyze all data in real-time via a highly user-centric web-based dashboard solution.

This enables involved parties for the first time to make multi-million dollar decisions based on

  • Full transparency of what you and your competitors are doing right now and
  • An immediate understanding of the impact of these decisions

AdScanners provides benefits for all players, e.g. advertisers can optimize their media strategies, media owners can optimize their sales efforts and media agencies can optimize their operational efficiencies.

2nd screen integration

AdScanner is also working on the biggest challenge of today’s advertising market: How to manage and align your multiple media channels? AdScanner has a solution to a lign the TV advertising activities with your 2nd screen. If you want to learn more, contact us.

Audience measurement

AdScanner provides a web-based solution for real-time audience measurement based on IPTV broadcast data. You are able to track live market shares with figures being updated every second, user tracking and many more features.

A team with the right mix of know-how and foresight

When we first met the team of AdScanner, we were highly impressed. A great mix of seasoned entrepreneurs, experts of the TV and advertising markets combined with deep technical experts.

AdScanner is dedicated to maximize the value for its clients and does not stop in providing the maximum value possible.

TV advertising black-box

AdScanner is not only a great team, but AdScanner also addresses a clear pain point of today’s market. When you look at it, TV advertising is stuck in the early 2000s fighting with the challenges of ex-post reporting, an inherent conflict of interest and an ever-increasing number of media channels.

There are barely any real-time data available and the industry still works with click-box audience measurement as the key source of intelligence. Multi-million dollar decisions are taken based on barely any insights and the key advisors (the media agencies) play on the buy- and sell-side as agents for media owners and media buyers. This represents an inherent conflict of interest leading to the surprising fact of increasing TV commercial prices.

In addition the number of media touchpoints is constantly growing – already today >50% of TV audience aged 12-49 are simultaneously using a second screen while watching TV. But the promise to provide a holistic customer journey, where each channel’s exact contribution towards a purchase is clearly defined and optimized, still remains a promise as of now.

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Who is AdScanner targeting?

AdScanner offers all required tools and the necessary data to track, compare and objectively evaluate the delivery and execution of TV campaigns.

As a media spender you have the ability to use these invaluable insights to optimize your advertising campaigns across multiple channels.

As a media owner you are able to maximize the outcome of your media campaigns. As a media owner you can use the data to maximize

As media agencies you are able to streamline own work processes and automatically generate tailored reports and optimize your commercial activities.

As creative agencies you are able to instantly browse a database of millions past and current past for inspiration and competitive analyses.

As IPTV players you are able to step up your role in the advertising market and understand what your customers are doing when and where.

As research companies you can extend your own research services portfolio with a new solution for audience measurement and 2nd screen integration.

About AdScanner

AdScanner is based in Vienna, Austria. For the purpose of research and development, a subsidiary company was founded in Croatia to handle all operational development.

The founders of AdScanner have hold executive positions and come from backgrounds with vast experience in telecommunications, finance, media, marketing and IT. The team is growing

If you are interested to learn more, please get into contact with